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NORDEN - the nordic arts festival


Direct, northern german and very pesonal

NORMA is at home in the north. High German, Low German, Frisian: Norma has three languages in her musical repertoire. Born and raised on the island of Föhr, she moved to the music metropolis of Hamburg at an early age.
Authentic and very personal, she sings songs from her life and from her homeland. And not only in High German, but also in the regional languages of Northern Germany - Low German and Frisian. "It's important to me to write my own songs and sing the languages I grew up with."

In March 2022, Norma released her new EP "Op Platt." Low German courage songs with modern poppy sounds or as the NDR writes: "Not a piece of old-fashioned or dusty, but the finest pop music. Norma is something like a hip ambassador of Low German culture". Together with her band, Norma presents herself at NORDEN Festival as a singer, narrator and exciting entertainer. Direct, North German and very personal.
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