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NORDEN - the nordic arts festival


One of the most traditional film festivals in the world.

The Nordic Film Days Lübeck, first organized by the Lübeck Film Club in 1956 and taken over by the city in 1971, are among the most traditional film festivals in the world. They are the only festival in Germany and in Europe that specializes entirely in presenting films from the north and northeast of the continent.
Every year, for five days at the beginning of November, the latest feature films, documentaries and short films from Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden are presented here.
Children's and youth films from Nordic countries and the Baltic States represent an innovative and imaginative approach to even difficult topics. The children's and youth program of the Nordic Film Days Lübeck presents a selection of the best films produced for the target group in the last twelve months.

A seed is planted in the ground and slowly a turnip grows out of it. The farmer is waiting to harvest his vegetables. But under the ground? Moles and field mice, worms and caterpillars also have something to say! An old fairy tale is retold. And when you change the perspective, new questions also arise. Who owns the fruits of the earth?

Skolen Ved Havet
Thorvin's little village school is being closed. Now he will soon have to go to a new one where he doesn't know the children. He worries about that, but also about lots of other things: about dew puddles that feel like love, galaxies that swallow other galaxies, and about his brother, who is different from the others and whom he loves.

I'm not afraid!
"I'm not afraid!" says Vanya to himself. But when playing hide-and-seek with his big sister, even the familiar can get scary. What is that creaking so strangely? Did something just move in the corner? And whose shadow is rearing up so threateningly? Everyone gets scared sometimes.
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