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Do you know a grumpy person? Age: around 72, notoriously bad-tempered...

He spends the days looking for things to get angry about. Valentine's Day? Newfangled nonsense. Pasta with pesto? Exotic stuff! Digitalization? Only causes more problems! But what lies behind his hard shell?
Since his wife died and his two sons with families from Helsinki rarely visited him on the run-down farm, he finds everything pointless. And then his doctor wanted to revoke his driver's license....
Grump wanted to call it quits, but his granddaughter's unwanted pregnancy breathed new life into him. And now he's looking for a red '72 Ford Escort, because he wrecked his old one. A newfangled car? No way. For a red 72'er Ford Escort, he has to go to Germany, where his brother Tarmo moved decades ago, without a word of goodbye! Since then, Grump has not spoken to him ...
A simple car purchase turns into an emotional road trip through Germany. All pointless? No, Grump, you are needed!

A film about healing emotional wounds that have deepened over generations. It is a story about reconciliation and forgiveness. With bittersweet humor!
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