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NORDEN - the nordic arts festival


It's teeming at the Schlei

Large-format and richly detailed illustrated motifs on sturdy cardboard pages invite young and old to a journey of discovery along the Schlei: In the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Haithabu, we dive into the world of the Vikings and then into the stream of visitors to Gottorf Castle - the largest castle in Schleswig-Holstein.

In Missunde, there is crowding on the ferry, while the village of Sieseby invites you to take a stroll through the village. Everyone enjoys the panorama of Kappeln as they cross the bridge. There is something to discover and explore everywhere at the Maasholm Nature Experience Center. At the end, after a stroll through the narrow streets of the Schleswig fishing village of Holm, we rest on a jetty and watch the colorful goings-on on the water.

As a recurring element, two children appear on each double-page spread looking for their dog, who is making the area unsafe with his new Viking buddy. Who will find her/him? Wonderful search fun for young and old!
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