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NORDEN - the nordic arts festival



It is a great venture. A rusty steamer with a whole herd of elephants in its belly sets sail from Calcutta and sets course for the Andaman Islands. Also on board are young Bellini, his family and their working elephant, Dalee. India has just become independent, and the family leaves everything behind to start a new life on the remote archipelago. None of them has any idea what awaits them there. Not only impenetrable jungle, but also hard-to-predict former inmates of a British colonial prison and a rich entrepreneur who does not keep his promises. In the midst of all this, Bellini is to learn the time-honored craft of the mahout, the elephant guide. The Great Gray soon becomes his closest companion, and the boy even rides through the sea on the elephant's back. But Dalee becomes cranky and dangerous with age. He seems to lose his memory - a disaster for the family. They say an elephant never forgets, but what if it does?

Opulent and rich in images, Dennis Gastmann tells of a new beginning in the unknown, of lifelong friendship and of saying goodbye. An extraordinary adventure inspired by a true story.

This reading will be accompanied in German Sign Language.
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