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NORDEN - the nordic arts festival

FINtango workshop

Finland's love affair with the tango

Over a timespan of 100 years, it has become Finland’s favorite music. FINtango is the one and only Finnish tango and culture festival in Germany. Established in 2013 in the city of Hamburg, it has hitherto moved all across the country. FINtango festivals place a high value on individuality and emotions. Tango lyrics and rhythm are reminiscent of polka and tango dance is easy to learn. At FINtango, you can free your heart and look forward to sauna feeling and dining the Finnish way. The main point is to get cosy! At NORDEN Festival, FINtango will present themselves by the beach, sauna in tow. Instructed by dancing coaches Mika & Leena and accompanied by RadioHelsinki-DJ Vilunki3000, everyone can dive into the cheerful-melancholic worlds of Finnish tango. The accompanying lecture, given by FINtango creator Timo Valtonen, will provide an amusingly historical view into the history of Finnish tango and the day will rise to a crescendo with the forceful performances of Jaakko Laitinen Tango.

Notice the Timechange: from Sa. 17.15 h, 20 h and So.
15.30 h to Sa.16.15 h + 19 h, So. 14.30 h

FINtango workshop
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