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NORDEN is sustainable and we support guests who travel by public transport (NAH.SH) or by bike. You can find different ways to get to us here.

 bahn-icon Arrival by train: There is a bus connection from Schleswig train station to the festival area: Bus lines to the area: 1501, 1505, at night 1506 to Schleicenter or Domschule, further information on the train schedule.
Please note: Festival visitors with a train ticket in the Schleswig-Holstein-Tarif (NAH.SH) will receive a discount of 5 Euro when presenting their ticket. IC, EC and ICE are excluded.
rad-icon Arrival by bike: Bicycle parking near the ticket offices (Strandweg / Luisenbad).
bus-icon Arrival by bus: Various bus lines to the ZOB Schleswig: See line network Schleswig and the timetable line buses Schleswig. FlixBus runs three times a day from Hamburg to Schleswig! Other departure stops: Aarhus, Aalborg, Kolding, Randers, Berlin, Kaltenkirchen.
Arrival by car: Parking spaces can be found in the city area. Parking for people with mobility impairments can be found in Strandweg. 

Das NORDEN - The Nordic Arts Festival takes place at:
Stadtpark Königswiesen
24837 Schleswig


The NORDEN - The Nordic Arts Festival takes place in the landscape park Königswiesen in Schleswig. Besides the sandy beach and the wide meadows, there is the singer-songwriter stage and culinary highlights to discover in the garden and the little forest invites you to play and climb.

» Our Schlei stage is the venue for a wide variety of international bands and musicians. From pop to rock to folk, everything is included!

» Quiet singer-songwriter sets can be enjoyed at sunset on the banks of the Schlei near the garden stage. With a cool drink the Nordic evening ends here.
Exciting readings, the NORDEN Slam and an international film program await you in our culture tent.

» Even from a distance you can see the street theater deck with its daredevil artists. The perfect place to linger and marvel.

» In the studio and workshop you can let off steam creatively!

» The Green Pavilion shows you great ideas and informs around sustainability.

» Beach & Bathing: Pack your bathing suits! During the festival, you are invited to cool off and splash around in the designated swimming zone. This will be guarded by the DLRG.

» Accessibility: The majority of the NORDEN site is barrier-free and can be accessed by wheelchair thanks to drained paths. This applies in particular to all the main attractions and venues such as the Great Stage, the Theater Deck, the Kuluturzelt, and the majority of the gastronomic offerings. It should be noted here that these are park paths that become muddy during rainfall and are therefore more difficult to navigate. In addition, barrier-free toilets are provided.However, since it is a nature park, parts of the site are difficult or impossible to access by wheelchair. This concerns especially the beach. We try our best to provide barrier-free access to the festival for all culture lovers*. We are grateful for your ideas and suggestions to improve the situation.

» Sanitary facilities: There will be enough toilets, sanitary facilities and barrier-free toilets on the festival site.

» Drinking water station: There will be a free drinking water station on the festival grounds where you can fill up your water bottles.

» Lost & Found: All lost and found items will be collected at the entrance of the festival area in the ticket booth. There you can hand in things and get them back.

(Site plan follows here)

» Download site plan as PDF here


We offer you, depending on your personal preference, different possibilities for accommodation. You can choose between our NORDEN campground, the camper sites in Schleswig, the youth hostels and our hotel partners.


18_Vanlife bei Nacht_1

In 2021 there will be a brand new accommodation offer, in cooperation with our partner Vantopia. For 11 days you can now book a comfortable camper and get a NORDEN festival pass in addition.

There are three different vehicles: Adventurer 895,-/ Dreamer 1.195,-/ Traveler 1495,-
Offers are valid from: 26.8. - 5.9.2021 or 2.9. - 12.9.2021

All offers, vehicles as well as bookings at

NORDEN Camping


Bookings for the NORDEN campground are suspended until further notice. Due to the pandemic, alternative areas must be kept free. The implementation of a campsite is also pandemically not possible.

NORDEN Partnerhotels

 Hotel Fritz

We have rooms for every budget in our repertoire - and from many hotels you can reach the festival area on foot or by bike. Here are our hotel partners.

» Awareness: The NORDEN Festival does not tolerate sexual assault, racist, homophobic or sexist attitudes. Statements of this kind will result in expulsion. Furthermore, forbidden symbols of any kind are strictly prohibited. If you are harassed or observe something strange, contact the NORDEN staff or the stewards at the emergency exits and in the entrance area.

» Drugs: The consumption and trade of illegal drugs is not permitted and undesirable on the festival grounds. Violation of this rule will result in the police being called in.

» Fire extinguishers: Cigarettes can cause fires. This must be prevented by careful handling and conscientious behavior. Nevertheless, a fire can occur. For this case, many fire extinguishers are placed on the site. You will find them at the wooden huts and catering stands, at all stages and venues. On each fire extinguisher there is an instruction manual. Follow the instructions and immediately inform 112 and the security personnel on the grounds.

» Escape routes and evacuation: there are numerous emergency exits for escape in emergency situations. All escape routes are marked with appropriate markings and manned by at least one NORDEN Festival steward. In the event of an emergency, these will be cleared over a wide area. It is especially important that you follow the instructions of the trained NORDEN staff as well as the police and rescue forces. You will be made aware of an emergency in good time via the stages. You will be asked to remain calm and to leave the premises quickly.

» Health advice: Even in the far north, the sun is shining strong! Remember sunscreen and headgear on summer days. Whatever the weather, drink enough fluids to satisfy your body's need for water. There will be paramedics on site to provide medical care. In the event of a medical emergency, please call 112 immediately

» Glass bottles: Due to the risk of injury, glass bottles are not allowed on the premises.

» Liability in general: Entering the festival, using the participatory offers and activities, consuming food and drinks as well as staying on the premises is at your own risk. The organizer assumes no liability for any kind of property damage or personal injury, as long as there was no gross negligence or intent.

» Liability for minors: All activities and areas where children are present are used at their own or parental responsibility. Any personal injury as well as chess damage will not be borne by the organizer of the NORDEN Festival and its employees, as long as no intentional action has been taken. It should be borne in mind that the NORDEN site is a peninsula surrounded by the Baltic Sea fjord Schlei and is fenced in only in places. The organizer points out that parents must pay special attention to small children and children who cannot swim. Any responsibility and liability lies with the legal guardians.

» Dogs: We do not recommend bringing dogs to the event as it is noisy and crowded at the event. If there is no other possibility for you, please keep your dog on a leash. Dirt has to be removed by yourself. We reserve the right to issue a general ban if the event is too crowded or if there are any problems regarding safety and contamination.

» Protection of minors: All regulations for minors made by the organizer of the NORDEN Festival are in accordance with the Youth Protection Act of the Federal Republic of Germany. This concerns, on the one hand, the serving of alcohol to minors as well as entering the premises without a guardian. There are no time restrictions for children and young people who are accompanied by their legal guardians. Adolescents under 16 years of age are only permitted to stay at the NORDEN Festival without the accompaniment of a person with legal guardianship or a parent or legal guardian if they have written permission and a copy of the identity card of a person with legal guardianship. This must be carried by the young person at all times during their stay on the festival grounds and must be shown in the event of any checks. Should young people violate the rules of the organizer, the police will be called in and the young people will be expelled from the NORDEN premises.

» Security: During the event hours, the area will be supervised by experienced event personnel who can alert the police, fire department or ambulance service in emergency situations. However, keep a few tips in mind: Take care of each other! However, do not put yourself in danger to help others. Your own safety comes first! Do not take valuable items onto the premises and do not leave your valuables unattended. First ask at the cash desk if a lost item has been handed in before alerting the police. In case of emergency, please call 112 immediately and inform the trained stewards!

» Thunderstorms: In case of thunderstorms with lightning and storm danger, please leave the area calmly and listen to the instructions of the security personnel. Important information will also be communicated over the large stage. Look for buildings or cars in the immediate vicinity and get to safety there. Help people who cannot help themselves.
From the idea to the festival

On a trip along the Baltic Sea to the Baltic States, the idea of celebrating the "North" was born. That was in 2016, after which the idea of atmospherically capturing the North and translating it into an event became more and more concrete - and so the NORDEN Festival was born. A unique cultural festival in the heart of Schleswig-Holstein, dedicated to the cultural diversity of the northern European countries: the nordic arts festival.
This original idea has been developed and expanded in recent years by a team of culture enthusiasts around the festival directors Manfred Pakusius and Marno Happ. The NORDEN team consists of people with a passion for NORDEN and its culture. And this shows in the finely curated sections with a selection of the most interesting and impressive artists inside.
We are a small crew of enthusiasts who spend the whole year organizing and programming the NORDEN Festival in an office in Hamburg-Eimsbüttel. In the six weeks surrounding the festival, the team from Hamburg grows together with the one from Schleswig-Holstein into one big family that gets bigger with each year. People who provide the special atmosphere at NORDEN with a love of detail.
We also receive valuable support from many other people and organizations. For example from our NORDLICHTERN, especially active fans, who made the festival known in the region from the beginning. As well as many regional companies and actors - thank you!
Come together and celebrate diversity: the NORDEN team is looking forward to seeing you!