NORDEN - the nordic arts festival

About NORDEN Festival

Conception and location

Join us in the North!

Schleswig-Holstein is the gateway to the North, not only economically, but also culturally. In late summer we will dedicate three weekends to the abundance of cultural genres from the Baltic Sea's neighboring countries.
Craftspeople, designers, and caterers will present themselves in a Scandinavian-looking village with its original and typical red-and-white cottages. An eclectic program of literature and music will be expanded by an open-air cinema and unique street theater performances. NORDEN is a sustainable festival that has a lot to offer - a beach, water, a sauna, workshops, and physical activities such as stand-up paddling, archery, climbing, and bathing. NORDEN provides its audience with active experiences, cultural diversity, and gastronomic delicacies from Schleswig-Holstein and other Nordic countries - a relaxing getaway of a special kind.


Our Schlei-Stage will host international bands and musicians, ranging from pop to rock and folk.

Quiet singer-songwriter sets can be enjoyed in front of our Garden Stage at sunset. Let your Nordic evening fade out with a cool drink in hand.
The Culture Tent is our location for exciting readings, the NORDEN Slam and international cinema.
The Street Theater Deck and its reckless artists will be visible from a distance - the perfect location to dwell and marvel at the performances.
In the Atelier and the Werkstatt you can live out your creativity!
The Green Pavilion shows you great ideas and provides information about sustainability.


Our participating catering companies are all based in Schleswig-Holstein and will spoil you with specialties from the region. The menu ranges from Nordic pancakes through to Auerochsenburger in organic quality. 

Most of the drinks will be available in organic quality. URSTROM Pils (organic) on tap or from the bottle, organic wines from Rindchens Weinkontor, organic spritzers and Kola from Fritz Kola, and regional coffee specialities from Holstein Kaffee from Neumünster.

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Design & Craft

We offer young, aspiring artists, fashion designers, artisans and dealers a platform where you can present your individual products and talk to the visitors. The spectrum of products ranges from unusual accessories to street art and unique fire barrels. Experience how individuality and sustainability unite in creative ideas and inspiring works.

Balloon_AdeleWEB  Design WEB

Opening hours

27.08. | 03.09. | 10.09.20          
6:00 – 11:00 p.m.

28.08. | 04.09. | 11.09.20         
6:00 – 11:00 p.m.

29.09. | 05.09. | 12.09.20        
noon – 11:00 p.m.

30.08. | 06.09. | 13.09.20         
noon – 10:00 p.m.

Please note: The festival location will close by no later than one hour after the final event.

Access & Parking

NORDEN is a sustainable festival and we support visitors arriving via bike or train (NAH.SH).

Train: arrival at Schleswig station. Bus to festival location: 1501, 1505, at night 1506 to Schleicenter or Domschule.

Please note: Visitors travelling via NAH.SH will receive 5-Euro-discount on their festival ticket upon submission of NAH.SH tickets.*


Bus: various bus routes to Schleswig ZOB (see network of routes Schleswig)

Timetable Busline Schleswig

FlixBus: 3 times a day from Hamburg. Further destinations: Aarhus, Aalborg, Kolding, Randers, Berlin, Kaltenkirchen

Bike: Supervised bike parking space in close proximity to pay desk (at Strandweg/ Luisenbad)

Car: Parkin spots will be find in the city area.

*does not include IC, EC and ICE.


NORDEN - The Nordic Arts Festival takes place at

Stadtpark Königswiesen
24837 Schleswig

Site plan
» Download site plan as PDF

Orientierungsplan 2019
NORDEN is green

A responsible treatment of our beautiful event location, the Schleswiger Königswiesen, is our top priority. In planning and realization of the festival, we have tried our best to consider ecological aspects.

NORDEN relies on 100 % eco-power from Stadtwerke Schleswig and strives for an eco-friendly use of resources. At our food booths, we refrain from using one-way plastic cutlery and drinks will be offered as part of a reusable cup pledge system. Our food booth contributors are exhorted to separate their waste and use eco-friendly detergents.

If you leave your cars at home and choose to travel via local public transport, you will be rewarded: Visitors travelling on a Schleswig-Holstein tariff (NAH.SH) will be granted a 5-Euro-discount on their day pass upon submission of their ticket at the door.By the entrance you will also find a supervised bike parking space. It is the easiest way to access the festival location.

Keep the festival clean, separate your waste at the designated areas, and please do not leave your cigarette stubs on the floor. Together, we will make NORDEN greener and we will show that a sustainable festival can be fun and contagious.

The Green Pavilion

Step into a world where today we are already thinking about tomorrow: the green pavilion at the most central point of the festival deals with a central theme of our society. We already dealt with the topics of plastic and our waste, as well as energy and mobility.

We have the power to make change happen – and it’s easier than you may think!

Opening hours: Thursdays – Fridays: 6-9 p.m., Saturdays noon-9 p.m., Sundays noon-8 p.m.
* with the exception of IC, EC and ICE. If you have already purchased a day pass, you will receive no discount.
Family and youth protection
NORDEN will be offering an extensive family program for your entire family and is constructed in a child-oriented manner. In addition to the Kids Village, we will provide a roundabout and various join-in activities as well as sports facilities for young and old. For more information, please change to Program or Activities.

All activities involving minors are carried out at their own or parental responsibility. Any personal or property damage will not be accounted for by the operator and the staff of NORDEN Festival, except in cases of willful intent or gross negligence.

Please note that the festival location is a peninsula that is surrounded by Baltic Sea inlet Schlei and thus only partially fenced. The festival operator urges parents to be especially observant of toddlers and children who cannot swim. All persons entitled to custody will be held responsible and liable for their children’s actions.

Youth protection
All regulations for minors set by the operator of NORDEN Festival follow the German Youth Protection Act. This mainly concerns the serving of alcoholic beverages to minors as well as the entering of the location without a person entitled to custody.

There are no time limits for minors accompanied by a person entitled to custody.

The stay at NORDEN Festival is only permitted to unaccompanied teenagers under the age of 16 who can show a permit and an ID copy of a person entitled to custody. These will have to be carried along at all times and presented during a possible inspection.

Health advice
Even in the far north the sun can be strong. Remember to bring sunscreen and headgear on warm summer days. Remember to drink enough, even during bad weather, in order to satisfy your body's water demand. 

On location paramedics will be in charge of medical sustenance. In case of an emergency, please call 112 immediately and be prepared to answer the following questions:

Who is reporting?
Where did it happen?
What has happened?
How many people are injured or ill?
Wait for instructions.
Disability access
Due to well-drained paths, the main part of the NORDEN area is accessible by wheelchair. This includes all major attractions and locations like the Main Stage, the Street Theater Deck, the Culture Tent, the Dance Deck, and the majority of gastronomic offerings. Please note that these are parking routes that may get muddy and thus harder to access. We will also provide accessible toilets.

Since we are dealing with a natural preserve, parts of the area - specifically the beach and the Art Scope with its bumps and angles - are not accessible by wheelchair or can only be accessed with great difficulty. We try our best to provide access for everyone who wishes to attend. If you have any ideas or suggestions on improving the situation, please be in touch.
NORDEN Service
Shuttle service
For information please change to Parking.

Bike parking space
You live in the area? Why don't you bring your bike! You may leave it on a special parking space at the entrance and directly access the festival location. 

Activities and workshops
At NORDEN Festival, there will be plenty of activities and workshops for all ages. For further information please change to Activities und Program.

Sanitary facilities
On location there will be sufficient supply of toilets, sanitary facilities, and accessible toilets for visitors with disabilities.

Information desk and lost property
If you have a question, do not hesitate to contact our NORDEN staff. For special cases there will be a back office of the festival operator on location. It will be occupied during festival hours and well-signposted.

All lost property will be collected at the pay booth by the entrance. There you can drop something off or pick something up. The opening hours will be displayed.

In case you have a question or if office is unstaffed, please send an e-mail to
Safety regulations
During the event, the area will be supervised by skilled staff which will contact the police, the fire service, or the ambulance in case of an emergency.

In close proximity to Luisenbad there will be a back office of the festival operator. It will be opened during the regular opening hours and signposted on location. Please follow our advice:

-Take care of each other but do not put yourselves in danger in order to help others! Your own safety should be your top priority!
-Do not bring any items of great value to the festival location and do not leave your valuables unattended.
-Before contacting the police, please ask at the counter for lost property.

In case of an emergency, please call 112 and contact our trained stewards!

Fire extinguisher
Please be aware that cigarettes can cause fires and do not throw cigarette butts on the ground. In case of a fire, plenty of fire extinguishers will be placed on location. You will find these at the wooden cottages and food booths, at all stages and performance spaces. On every fire extinguisher, you will find directions for use. Please stick to the instructions, call 112, and contact the safety staff on location.

On the festival location, the consumption of illegal drugs is prohibited and unwanted. Violations of this regulation will be reported to the police.

NORDEN Festival does not tolerate sexual assaults or racist, homophobic, or sexist attitudes. Utterances of this kind will result in expulsion from the festival location. In addition, prohibited symbols of any kind are strictly forbidden. If you are a victim or a witness of assault or peculiar behavior, please contact NORDEN staff or the stewards at the emergency exits and by the entrance.

Severe wheather
In case of a severe storm involving lightning, please quietly exit the location and follow the instructions given by our security staff. Important information will be communicated via the main stage. Please seek shelter in nearby buildings or cars and help people who cannot help themselves.

We recommend not to bring dogs to the event as it is noisy and crowded at the event.
If there is no other possibility for you, please keep the dog on a leash. Of course, dirt is to be removed by yourself. We reserve the right to issue a general ban in case of too large a rush and possible problems regarding safety and contamination.

Escape routes and evacuation
In case of an emergency, you will find plenty of emergency exits for evacuation. These will be clearly designated and staffed with a NORDEN steward.

Please follow the instructions given by our trained NORDEN staff, the police, and rescue forces. In case of an emergency, you will receive timely information via the stages. We ask you to stay calm and make a quick exit.

Environment protection
The Königswiesen and the surrounding waters shall be kept clean and for this we need your assistance! For more information, please change to NORDEN is green.

Glass bottles
Due to the danger of injury, glass bottles are prohibited on the festival location.

Prohibited items
Weapons of all kinds, knives, fireworks, and other explosive items are prohibited.

The access of the festival location, the participation in join-in activities, the consumption of food and beverages as well as the stay on the festival location are carried out at your own responsibility. The festival operator assumes no liability for any kind of property or personal damage, except in cases of willful intent or gross negligence. For information on liability of minors, change to "Family and youth protection".


How much are the tickets and where can I purchase them?
Tickets for the festival can be purchased online via the website under "Tickets" (via reservix and TixforGigs) and in the Liesegang bookshop. A day ticket is available from 7.50 plus VVK, a weekend ticket (Thu-Sun) from 19 Euro plus VVK and a ticket for the complete festival time for 39 Euro plus VVK. For all price levels there are discounts for children up to 14 years, pupils and students with ID and people with severely handicapped ID.

Will there be a child discount?
Children up to the age of 6 do not pay admission! Up to and including the age of 14 there is a discount on day tickets: Do-Fr 6.50 Euro, Sat-Sun 7.50 Euro. Weekend tickets: 15,00 Euro. For the festival pass children up to and including 14 years pay 19.00 Euro and pupils and students with ID and people with severely handicapped ID pay 29.00 Euro. All prices do not include VVK fees.

Can I return my ticket?
If you have purchased a ticket, it cannot be returned.

Will there be an early bird discount?
Limited season tickets (3rd early bird ticket) for the entire festival are available at the Liesegang bookstores in Schleswig for the price of 35 Euro plus VVK (as long as stocks last). Be fast! Previous price levels of 19 and 29 Euro are already sold out. 


How can I access the festival?
You live in the area? Why don't you bring your bike! You may leave it on a special parking space by the entance and directly access the festival location. 

By car via A7 (Motorway exit Jagel), B201 and B76.

Via Deutsche Bahn to Schleswig main station. Via bus you will reach the parking space Schleihallenparkplatz Schleswig (Verkehrsbetriebe Schleswig-Flensburg GmbH/ Flixbus).

Daily shipping from Haithabu/Haddeby to Stadthafen Schleswig and back. For further information visit

Where can I park?
On weekdays you may use public parking slots in the district. 

Can I bring my dog or other pets?
On location dogs are prohibited, with the exception of guide dogs for the blind.

Can I bring my own water?

Visitors are prohibited from bringing food or beverages to the festival space. On location there will be a free source of drinking water and plenty of sources will provide you with delicious food.

Timetable & festival

Where can I find the timetable?
Please change to Program. A detailed schedule will be provided prior to the opening of the festival.

Do I get a wristband?
Visitors who have purchased a weekend ticket or a festival pass will receive a wristband at the entrance.

I'd like to participate in an activity or a workshop. Do I need to apply?
Under construction. Stay tuned for more information.

Can I go for a swim in the Schlei?
Bring your bathing suit! During the festival you're invited to take a bath and enjoy the declared bathing zone. It will be supervised by the DLRG.

Can I take a photo or video camera to the festival location?
Cameras and digital devices can be taken to the location for private use. The use of video cameras and tape recorders is prohibited. Professional photo and video equipment (telephoto lens, tripod, etc.) can be used if you have received an accreditation. If you'd like to support us professionally, please send your inquiry to

Will there be a lost property office?
All lost property will be collected at the pay booth by the entrance. There you can drop something off or pick something up. The opening hours will be displayed. If unstaffed, send an e-mail to

Will there be child supervision?
Do not leave your children unattended. The festival operator assumes no liability. For more on this topic change to Family and youth protection.


I'd like to support the festival as a volunteer. Who do I contact?
NORDEN Festival happily welcomes volunteers. Please contact You will receive a reply as soon as possible.

Who can I contact for suggestions, praise, and criticism?
Please send an e-mail to and we'll be in touch.

I'm a journalist and would like to accredit. How do I proceed?
Please send your request to
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