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NORDEN - the nordic arts festival

NORDEN Festival 2023 // First artists

Only a few weeks until the turn of the year, but we are already in the late summer of 2023. 5 years NORDEN Festival, we will celebrate! We are very happy to present you the first artists for the anniversary edition today. As always with regional highlights and great surprises from the Northern European countries. You can look forward to it!

And so that we can escape the icy winter at least for a few minutes, we give you below a few memories of great days in late summer, of very special moments with friends and family - our NORDEN family. Be sure to check it out!

On the first festival weekend (August 24 - 27, 2023), the Danish sister duo PRISMA will be our guests at the Königswiesen. Having caught the attention of all of Scandinavia last year, it's time for them to shake up the NORDEN audience with their two-part vocals mixed with a minimalist production of loud guitars and electronic soundscapes.

Another highlight from Denmark is the band TOTAL HIP REPLACEMENT & ANYANKOFO from Aarhus. With their wild mixture of jazz, afro-beat, reggae, soul and pop, connected by the ever-present brass section, they have already rocked several festivals in Northern Europe. The Hamburg musicians DENIZ & OVE will give a concert for children and parents on the first weekend of the festival. Finally, there is children's music that parents will also like! And on this premise, it's now off to the ball pool with Karacho!

The second festival weekend (August 31 - September 03, 2023) has a big surprise in store. With SVAVAR KNÚTUR from Iceland, a NORDEN artist of the first hour comes to the Königswiesen with new songs. He manages with ease and overflowing sympathy to enchant and carry away every audience from the first moment. He presents his songs in an extremely touching way and tells the most absurd stories and jokes in between. The band MAKE A MOVE features horns in tutus, bass and guitar pumping out the groove, and it's all pushed along by a rapping drummer in a bathing suit. Sounds over the top? It is.

MAM 2023 01 18x12cm 300dpi (c) by Jona Freigang(c) Jona Freigang

With M. BYRD we bring a great newcomer from Hamburg to Schleswig on the third festival weekend (07 - 10 September 2023). His timeless songs shine with a sense of strength, transport listeners* to the American West Coast and radiate melancholic future and euphoric youth. And when ANNIE CHOPS enters the stage with her cherry-red Flying-V guitar, it only takes a few moments for her to win over the entire audience. She doesn't need much more than her radiant personality, her extraordinary talent and her unique songs.

The festival's literature section also looks promising. For her new novel manuscript, JANINE ADOMEIT received the working scholarship of the Cultural Foundation of the State of Schleswig-Holstein. At the NORDEN Festival she will read from her first novel Vom Versuch, einen silbernen Eal zu fangen. STEFFEN TRUMPF writes in his novel Ellivu Freunde müsst ihr sein about the legendary passion for soccer on the Faroe Islands.
In his thriller Blizzard, ROBERT BRAACK writes grippingly about the snow disaster in December and January 1978/79 in northern Germany. An ice-cold planned robbery stirs up deadly passion. Author MONA HARRY will read from her book Mutproben on the first weekend of the festival. In the interactive reading for children, she asks "What is courage, anyway? What does it smell like? What color is courage and is the same thing courageous for everyone?"

Last but not least, in the field of street theater, we announce a real highlight. With their KOFFERZIRKUS, the artists will create a very special encounter on the first festival weekend. The combination of mimic theater, juggling and acrobatics creates poetic stories.

Do you also long for that unique, magical feeling on the King's Meadows when we celebrate the NORTH together in bright sunshine? In this cold and dark season we give you memories of great days in late summer, of very special moments with friends and family - our NORDEN family.
Be sure to check out the film from our partner KAIPS Marketing!

We wish you all a wonderful holiday season and a great start into the new year! We can't wait to celebrate with you again,

Your NORDEN Festival Team

Photo contest 5 years NORDEN
Together with the Schleswiger Nachrichten, we are launching a photo competition to mark the fifth anniversary. Send us your most beautiful moments from 5 years of NORDEN up to and including June 30, 2023. We will raffle festival tickets for NORDEN 2024 among all entries. Selected pictures will be exhibited at this year's festival and presented to all visitors. You can also find the works online at Schleswiger Nachrichten.
NORDEN magazine out now
The countdown is on! Only three months to go until this year's NORDEN - The Nordic Arts Festival and the entire cultural program is ready. Finally, you can discover the entire NORDEN Festival in one booklet and find out all the news about this year's anniversary edition on more than 60 pages. We can hardly wait to celebrate 5 years of NORDEN together with you in late summer - it's going to be a party! With more than 400 artists from 10 Northern European countries, this year's festival will be much more international than last year.
Authors 2023 complete / New: Late Night Show
Today we present you the complete program in the Kulturzelt as well as in the Atrium. Great readings, interesting lectures and, for the first time, a great late night show on every Saturday await you this year. In addition to NORDEN veteran Oliver Lück and multi-talent Florian Hacke, the probably loudest voice in Germany will be a guest in 2023 when it comes to accessibility and inclusion: Raúl Krauthausen. You can look forward to these and other highlights!
We have also developed an exciting series of events for you: Nordic Talking. With well-known northern lights it is about political as well as personal - a visit is worthwhile!
Music program 2023 complete / day tickets available
Finally we can present you the complete music programme for the NORDEN Festival 2023! We've been so excited to share all the great musicians with you over the last few weeks and can't wait to party together again on the Königswiesen in late summer. But that's not all! In the coming weeks, we'll have more highlights for you and announce the final writers, the programme in the Manege im Park and in the cinema tent, as well as the entire supporting programme at the Königswiesen. And who knows, there will certainly be a surprise or two.
By the way: You can now buy day tickets for all 12 festival days in the NORDEN online shop. 
Great cultural programme for the little NORDEN fans
This year, the little NORDEN fans are big with us! We are expanding the Lüttland and have planned a special cultural programme for children and their parents. In addition to numerous highlights on the music stages and in the culture tent, there will be great workshops and hands-on activities for the whole family again this year. Right next to the adventure playground on the Königswiesen, the Lüttland is located in a separate area and guarantees fun and games for the whole family. 
More artists have been confirmed
More highlights await us at the NORDEN Festival 2023! With today's Culture Wave we announce further highlights for the anniversary edition in late summer and thus a large part of this year's cultural programme is already known. The announcement of the final artists will follow at the end of April, thus completing the entire cultural programme for NORDEN 2023. It remains exciting!
NORDEN Freundeskreis e. V. invites
The first special event of the NORDEN Freundeskreis e.V. is in the bag!
On Thursday, March 30, 2023, the Franconian folk band GANKINO CIRCUS will come to Schleswig. They will show their piece "Bei den Finnen". A musical road trip through the Finnish wasteland. Tickets are available exclusively at the bookstore Liesegang in Schleswig for 25 €. Also at the box office tickets will be available for 27.50 € . For Freundeskreis e. V. members:inside the entrance is free.
The cultural program is growing
More artists for the NORDEN Festival 2023 are fixed. Already for the fifth time we celebrate this year the northern European culture on the Königswiesen in Schleswig - the anticipation is rising. We can't wait to celebrate with you again soon on the Königswiesen - it's going to be fun! 2023 will be especially colorful, international and diverse.
Until then, we will continue to work diligently on the cultural program and maybe we even have a few surprises in store for the anniversary edition of our favorite festival? Stay tuned, the next cultural wave will follow in just a few weeks.
Angeliter Open Air X NORDEN Combiticket
Festival highlight at the turn of the year
The Angeliter Open Air and the NORDEN Festival make common cause!

The Angeliter Open Air and the NORDEN Festival now provide the extra portion of festival anticipation. With a diverse cultural program on the Dreiseitenhof in Taarstedt as well as the Schleswiger Königswiesen, festival lovers will get their money's worth in August and September.
NORDEN Festival 2023 // First artists
Only a few weeks until the turn of the year, but we are already in the late summer of 2023. 5 years NORDEN Festival, we will celebrate! We are very happy to present you the first artists for the anniversary edition today. As always with regional highlights and great surprises from the Northern European countries. You can look forward to it!
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