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NORDEN - the nordic arts festival

The cultural program is growing

More artists  for the NORDEN Festival 2023 are fixed. Already for the fifth time we celebrate this year the northern European culture on the Königswiesen in Schleswig - the anticipation is rising. We can't wait to celebrate with you again soon on the Königswiesen - it's going to be fun! 2023 will be especially colorful, international and diverse.
Until then, we will continue to work diligently on the cultural program and maybe we even have a few surprises in store for the anniversary edition of our favorite festival? Stay tuned, the next cultural wave will follow in just a few weeks.

On the music stages, the first weekend of the festival (August 24 - 27, 2023) begins with multi-instrumentalist RYAN EDMOND. He has already traveled the world and the years of wandering have undoubtedly influenced his music. This can be clearly heard in his single Stockholm, an ode to his new home in Sweden. Visiting from the Netherlands are the musicians of FOLK ROAD SHOW - not a conventional band, but rather a traveling folk variety. They manage to make a living room feel like a theater and a theater feel like a living room.

Couch_CloseUp_by Valerie Hsu(c) Valerie Hsu

The second festival weekend holds great newcomer:inside from Northern Germany. SOBI tells stories of encounters and relationships, beautiful and sad experiences, dark moments and positive turns in her songs. Hope can be the key to heal sadness and this is what the singer, guitarist and composer expresses in her songs. Always looking for the perfect groove, the tightest bass line or the most beautiful melody, the four guys of BUBE have only one goal: Finally make good music in German and bring it to the lady. Even the very small singers get on the big stage at the NORDEN Festival. TINY WOLVES - 60 voices of children aged 8 to 12, a guitar and a bunch of good songs. The idea: unforgettable songs, true lyrics, performed in the dynamic that friends develop when they come together at the right moment in the right place. A final highlight on the second weekend of the festival is the performance of Latvian ethno-pop band TAUTUMEITAS. They take melodies and lyrics from Latvian folk songs, create powerful harmonies and fuse them with modern beats and production to spread magic everywhere.

TautumeitasPROMO credit Liene Petersone (c) Liene Petersone

The festival literature section also looks promising. On the first festival weekend, multi-award-winning author SVEN STRICKER will read his crime novel Sörensen sieht Land (Sörensen Sees Land), which will be published in a few days - the fourth part of the successful Sörensen ermittelt series.
On the second festival weekend, the illustrator HANNA HARMS shows in her graphic novel Milk without Honey in poetic pictures the many aspects of the situation up to the extinction of the insects. A future without bees? A gray dystopia that we absolutely must counteract! KATJA JOSTEIT presents with her book in a humorous way the subtleties of Danish etiquette and yet her protagonist:inside find out in the end: True hygge exists independently of candlelight and open fires - in the heart. The second weekend of the festival continues on an adventurous note. TIMM KRUSE tells of a very special journey - barefoot across the Nile, by SUP.

In the field of street theater it will be very crazy again on the first festival weekend. STENZEL & KIVITS take the world of opera for a ride and create amazement with extraordinary musical instruments. The falling piano, a dancing music stand and the actually impossible duet with Caruso are part of it. Also on the first weekend of the festival, the artists of OAKLEAF delight the audience with impressive costumes on high stilts.

St. Nicholas surprise from the NORDEN
Santa didn't just leave presents in our boots tonight and we are now snacking on lots of chocolate in the NORDEN office. There is also something very special for you in the NORDEN online store! From now on, you can get a 20% DISCOUNT ON ALL FAMILY WEEKEND TICKETS online. In addition, there are 5 FOR 4 HARDCOVER DAY TICKETS in the Thursday or Friday category OR in the Saturday or Sunday category in all branches of the Liesegang bookshop, redeemable for free on all three festival weekends. How's that for a great Christmas present?
All ticket categories now available
We've never been this early! From now on you can finally buy WEEKEND AND DAY TICKETS for next year in the NORDEN online store. The best thing is, the ticket prices will not be increased!
And because we always want something good for you, we're simply keeping the EARLY BOOKING FESTIVAL PASSES available for a few days longer. Up to and including Friday, 08.12.2023, you have the chance to buy the last limited early bird festival passes for a one-time price of 89 EURO plus VVK in the NORDEN online store. After that we will switch to the regular price level. Printed out, they also make a fantastic gift for Christmas.
NORDEN Festival 2024 // First Release
A lot has happened in the past few weeks and we are looking forward to 2024 and the upcoming NORDEN - The Nordic Arts Festival. But honestly, why can't we just see each other more often and celebrate together? We still think about our time at the Königswiesen quite often. It was really, really great and special!
The first snow has now fallen and the anticipation of Christmas is growing. It's the best time for us to finally present the FIRST RELEASE for NORDEN 2024. A promising start with really great artists!
Nominated and won
The NORDEN Festival is the most sustainable festival in Germany!

For the tenth time the HELGA! Festival Award was presented for the tenth time and the NORDEN - The Nordic Arts Festival really cleaned up: The GRÜNSTE WIESE can now be found at the NORDEN in Schleswig.

In addition, on 8.9.23 at the NORDEN Festival, the Schleswig-Holstein Minister of Economic Affairs, Claus Ruhe Madsen, awarded us the "Sustainability Project" prize worth 1,000 euros.
This was NORDEN 2023
Three unforgettable festival weekends are behind us and we are so full of love and gratitude for this fantastic festival experience at the Königswiesen. In the meantime, we are back in our office routine and still reminisce about this year's NORDEN Festival.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank all visitors. It was simply great to celebrate NORDEN together with all of you! We will carry this very special feeling in our hearts for a long time and, even if the summer is gradually coming to an end and it is getting colder outside, we will remember the 12 days of NORDEN Festival with you with a smile.
Presale 2024
NORDEN - The Nordic Arts Festival 2024 ⎜29. AUG - 15. SEP 2024
On Wednesday, September 06, 2023, the presale for the NORDEN - The Nordic Arts Festival 2024 starts and the best is: The prices are the same as in 2023!
The coveted Early Bird festival passes are available from Wednesday, 06 September from 8.00 a.m. exclusively at the bookstore Liesegang, Stadtweg 22 in Schleswig. There will be a one-time sale of 1,000 limited Early Bird Festival Passes in hardcover format for 79,- EURO, reduced 69,- EURO.
Opening NORDEN Festival 2023
It's starting again! The NORDEN is celebrated on the Königswiesen in Schleswig! Twelve days of music and literature, street theater, film and lots of action for children, plus a variety of gastronomy in a great setting await the visitors. Even the little bit of rain could not harm the guests at the NORDEN Festival and so the place in front of the Schleibühne filled up until finally Schleswig-Holstein's Minister of the Interior DR. SABINE SÜTTERLIN-WAACK together with Schleswig's mayor, STEPHAN DOSE, and the festival founders MANFRED PAKUSIUS AND MARNO HAPP opened the fifth NORDEN Festival. Musically, the NORDEN was opened by the Schleswig CHORCOLORES, as in previous years.
German Sign Language at NORDEN
The NORDEN Festival should be accessible for all people and so our team is gradually working on the implementation of barrier-free measures on the Königswiesen. Especially for hearing impaired and deaf people we have created an extended offer in 2023. All events in the Kulturzelt will be accompanied in German Sign Language on Fridays and Saturdays. In addition, there is a mobile induction loop for hearing-impaired people in the Culture Tent, Atrium and Cinema.
All information about accessibility at the NORDEN can be found at:

Festival app finished!
Download now and get all news about the NORDEN Festival 2023 directly on your smartphone!

For the perfect festival preparation we have finally updated the festival app for you. In the app Festivalcamp from our partner HÖME you can view the entire cultural program as well as further information about the NORDEN Festival. Create your personal timetable and mark your favorites, create your own festival camp with friends and plan your visit.
Photo contest 5 years NORDEN
Together with the Schleswiger Nachrichten, we are launching a photo competition to mark the fifth anniversary. Send us your most beautiful moments from 5 years of NORDEN up to and including June 30, 2023. We will raffle festival tickets for NORDEN 2024 among all entries. Selected pictures will be exhibited at this year's festival and presented to all visitors. You can also find the works online at Schleswiger Nachrichten.
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