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Federal government: No major events in Germany until August 31

Dear friends of the NORDEN Festival,

with the decision of the Federal Government and the Federal States of 15.04.2020, all major events in Germany are cancelled until 31.08.2020 due to the Corona Pandemic.

So, from this decision it is clear that NORDEN - The Nordic Arts Festival cannot be held from 27.08 to 13.09.2020 as originally planned. According to the Federal Government and the Conference of Minister Presidents, the NORDEN Festival 2020 is thus cancelled. Now the statements of the press conference of the state government of Schleswig-Holstein have given us hope again.

Currently, we are playing through various scenarios and are continuing to examine the possibilities of allowing the NORDEN Festival to take place this year: In a changed format, by moving the date, or in a different scope. We will talk to the booked artists, our partners, the city of Schleswig and the state government in Kiel. It must be clarified whether the NORDEN Festival is classified as a major event and how the situation will be assessed from 01.09.2020.

At this point, the festival program is already booked and the NORDEN Magazine is almost ready to be printed. The entire festival landscape is being shaken up at the moment, so we will certainly need a few days to realign our planning.

Our appeal to all participants and ticket holders is: Please be patient. We will get back to you as soon as possible - by the end of April at the latest - to inform you about the further development of the festival.

We thank you for your understanding,

Manfred Pakusius & Marno Happ

Organizers of NORDEN - The Nordic Arts Festival

Nach dieser dunklen Zeit - After this dark time: Bernd Begemann will perform at NORDEN Festival
Nach dieser dunklen Zeit - After this dark time, the latest release of the Hamburg musician Bernd Begemann is called - A confident look into the future. And we also look forward joyfully and are happy to announce Bernd Begemann for the opening day of the NORDEN Festival - Thursday, 26.08.2021! We are looking forward to you - After this dark time!
Jesse Markin in interview: "Folk" - A debut album with expressiveness
At this year's Emma Gaala 2020, the Finnish equivalent of the Grammy, Jesse Markin has already been honored as "Newcomer of the Year" and also received the "Critics Choice Award" for his album "Folk". In the interview he tells FINNTASTIC more about his music, his debut album and what inspires him to write songs.
Only until 31.12.2020: Festival passes for all twelve event days available
These months without live events, without concerts and readings are annoying, but there is hope. The aid of the state, a vaccine that will soon be available and the event experience from the summer of 2020 ... - all this fuels our optimism and helps us to implement the festival responsibly and, if necessary, "pandemic friendly".
A year full of anticipation: The NORDEN open-air festival starts preparing for 2021
The kick-off meeting for NORDEN - The Nordic Arts Festival 2021, scheduled for the period between August 26 and September 12, was characterized by confidence and anticipation for the cultural year 2021. Organizers Manfred Pakusius and Marno Happ looked together with the festival team and the music and film bookers at the program for the coming year.  At NORDEN 2021, newcomers from Schleswig-Holstein and Northern Europe will once again play on the stages of the Königswiesen in Schleswig and a cross-section of current culture will be presented.
North German top-class artists at the NORDEN Festival 2021

With Lina Maly from Elmshorn, one of the most exciting and at the same time charming and down-to-earth musicians in German-language pop music will be playing at NORDEN - The Nordic Arts Festival 2021. With "Könnten Augen alles sehen" she is not simply releasing a second album. She also further establishes herself as a strong, independent artist, as a champion of the beauty of the imperfect and as an instance of sincerity in German pop music..

Action Days On European Cultural Diversity
With today's Europe Day we start our action days of European cultural diversity! The NORDEN Circle of Friends e.V. (in formation) has set itself the task of promoting European cultural mediation, intercultural exchange & the diverse cultural offerings from Northern Europe. 
Video stament of the festival management to the cancellation
In a personal statement, Manfred Pakusius and Marno Happ address all actors and players to explain the cancellation of the NORDEN Festival 2020 and the postponement to late summer 2021.
Cancellation of NORDEN - The Nordic Arts Festival 2020

After intensive discussions with the city and the state and after weighing up the risks, we unfortunately have to inform you that we are not able to hold NORDEN - The Nordic Arts Festival 2020 under the current circumstances: With a heavy heart we have to cancel the festival for this year and postpone it to 26.08 to 12.09.2021.

Federal government: No major events in Germany until August 31

Reaction of NORDEN - The Nordic Arts Festival to the decision of the Federal Government of 15.04.2020 and the press conference of the Government of Schleswig-Holstein of 16.04.2020

NORDEN Festival announces more highlights in the fourth wave of culture
NORDEN announces more cultural highlights from six Nordic countries: Among others, we are looking forward to singer-songwriter Jesse Markin (FIN), Schleswig-Holstein author Mareike Krügel and our first open-air cinema announcement: the German-Danish production Aquarela.