NORDEN - the nordic arts festival

On a current occasion: NORDEN - The Nordic Arts Festival 2021 - Pandemic Suitable

Due to the date shift from 2020 to 2021, the organizers have taken extensive measures in cooperation with the city of Schleswig to ensure the safety and feasibility of the event. At the turn of the year 20/21, advance sales of season tickets were discontinued in order to limit the number of visitors on the individual days of the event. In addition to the reconstruction of the ticket offices, entrances and exits, venues and stages, more stewards* will be deployed and the number of hygiene stations will be increased.
"The possibility to increase the event area individually is proving to be a big plus, as only a third of the landscape park has been used so far," reports festival director Manfred Pakusius, adding, "Furthermore, we are definitely planning to use rapid tests at the moment due to current developments."
NORDPOP - Your Local Music Weekend
The pandemic has hit cultural life hard, especially the area of live music. The makers of the NORDEN Festival have taken this as an opportunity to offer the local music scene from Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein a stage with a new format: NORDPOP as part of the NORDEN Festival from 26 to 29 August 2021.
Global warming, rising sea levels and environmental pollution are the issues that preoccupy society and politics and draw masses of young people onto the streets. There is a demand to finally implement measures so that the politically agreed climate goals are achieved instead of focusing on sitting out and discussing climate adaptation.
For the festival year 2021, NORDEN - The Nordic Arts Festival is again looking for ambassadors for the cultural festival. This year, even more than in previous years, we are looking forward to support from the NORDEN community and to many messages from Northern Germany, Denmark and the whole world ...
International musicians and a wide range of workshops and activities at NORDEN
Not only cineastes will get their money's worth at the NORDEN Festival 2021: international voices will also be heard on the music stages in late summer and DIY courses can be experienced in the Atelier and Werkstatt.
On a current occasion: NORDEN - The Nordic Arts Festival 2021 - Pandemic Suitable
Looking at the current development of the pandemic and the measures around vaccination and testing, we are confident that NORDEN - The Nordic Arts Festival will take place in late summer 2021. We are looking at various options for holding the event in a pandemic-friendly manner.
Scandinavian, European, International: The NORDEN Film Program 2021 looks beyond the horizon
The short films of the NORDEN Festival are presented by international film festivals. Thus, the cinema tent becomes a melting pot of Nordic film cultures. And of course, the NORDEN Summer Open Air on the banks of the Schlei will continue with two outstanding cinema films.   
Under the star of the German-Danish friendship: Border-crossing cultural program
Last year, Germany and Denmark celebrated a cultural year of friendship. Building on this idea of friendship, Vandkant Friday on Aug. 27, 2021, will not only be a cross-border art project about which more information will be published soon, but also the analog world premiere of the German-Danish short film "Niels and the Nydam Boat" (2020) by Anne-Kristin Jahn on the same day.
NORDEN Declares Emergency
NORDEN - The Nordic Arts Festival supports the demands of Music Declares Emergency and signs the declaration declaring a climate emergency within the music industry!
Nach dieser dunklen Zeit - After this dark time: Bernd Begemann will perform at NORDEN Festival
Nach dieser dunklen Zeit - After this dark time, the latest release of the Hamburg musician Bernd Begemann is called - A confident look into the future. And we also look forward joyfully and are happy to announce Bernd Begemann for the opening day of the NORDEN Festival - Thursday, 26.08.2021! We are looking forward to you - After this dark time!
Jesse Markin in interview: "Folk" - A debut album with expressiveness
At this year's Emma Gaala 2020, the Finnish equivalent of the Grammy, Jesse Markin has already been honored as "Newcomer of the Year" and also received the "Critics Choice Award" for his album "Folk". In the interview he tells FINNTASTIC more about his music, his debut album and what inspires him to write songs.