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The cultural program of NORDEN Festival grows once again before Christmas

Shortly before Christmas, we are adding many more program points in the areas of music, literature, theater, art and film. Visitors NORDEN can look forward to a special and northern European cultural program from 25.8.-11.9.22.

The cultural diversity of NORDEN
More than 30 different program points have already been fixed for the three festival weekends. The music program will now be expanded with many more acts from Hamburg, Scandinavia, the Baltic States and, for the first time, the Netherlands.
On the first festival weekend in 2022, the Hamburg band Danube's Banks will bring swing with elements of klezmer and Balkan to the Königswiesen in Schleswig. The Dutch soul-pop band and hip-hop crew The Cool Quest will play on the second festival weekend, and their name as well as their sounds are reminiscent of the US hip-hop band "A Tribe Called Quest". On the same weekend the music program will be completed by the performance of the German singer-songwriter Cäthe. Ten years ago, her album "Ich muss Gar Nichts" was released, which combined pop and punk, but also singer songwriter sounds and brought Cäthe greater fame. At the beginning of 2022 she brings out her current album "Chill Out Punk". She has remained largely true to her style, even if - as the title already reveals - it is no longer quite so dark, loud and extroverted.
Other artists for 2022 are also Tom Gatza from Hamburg as well as I See Rivers from Norway and Chris Noah from Latvia.

In addition to the music program, the literature and film sections are also looking forward to new additions. Timo Peters will be a guest in Kulturzelt and read from his book "Couchsailing: Wie ich per An Hitchhiker über den Atlantik reiste". The blogger and journalist, who now lives in Norway, experienced plenty of adventures and bizarre moments on his sailing trip, which he will share with visitors on the second festival weekend.

The first film for the NORDEN Open-Air Cinema has also already been confirmed. Tove, a film by Finnish director Zaida Bergroth, tells of the exciting life of Finland's best-known author and cartoonist, whose groundbreaking work has enchanted generations of children and adults. In 2021, Tove was the Finnish entry for Best International Film at the Oscars.

Landestheater goes NORDEN!
The Schleswig-Holstein Landestheater is participating in the NORDEN Festival 2022 with three contributions for young and old. On Sunday, September 4, the members of the acting ensemble will move outside into the fresh air and show their musical side on the garden stage. On the following Sunday, September 11, puppeteer Sonja Langmack will offer entertainment for the whole family twice in the Culture Tent. And the theater pedagogy invites to workshops, in which the participants may offer their very own creativity.
The theater deck on the Königswiesen is being rebuilt and will now be called "Manege im Park".
From Finland comes the first program item on the theater deck. Sisus Sirkus is an all-female contemporary circus group presenting their show "Memories of Mud" on the first festival weekend. A tale of two women, comedic and touching at the same time.

NEW! Art on the canal
There will be another novelty in the field of art. Festival initiator Manfred Pakusius: "Art and artistic creation in the form of exhibitions, the construction of art sculptures, participatory art projects and workshops have been part of our program since 2018. At the request of many artists, we are now also planning an art market where artists can exhibit and also sell their works on all three weekends, each Saturday and Sunday." Applications can be submitted today at

Popular hardcover weekend tickets still available from Liesegang
Print at Home Festival Passes, weekend tickets for individuals or families for all three festival weekends continue to be available at the Norden Festival Online Ticket Shop. The bookstore Liesegang in Schleswig also offers weekend hardcover tickets for all three festival weekends.
The cultural program of NORDEN Festival grows once again before Christmas
Shortly before Christmas, we are adding many more program points in the areas of music, literature, theater, art and film. Visitors of NORDEN Festival can look forward to a special and northern European cultural program from 25.8.-11.9.22.
First Band Announcement for NORDEN Festival 2022
Winter is slowly taking hold and the sunny festival days this year are far behind. All the greater the joy that already now the first bands for the NORDEN Festival 2022 are fixed. From August 25 to September 11, 2022, NORDEN will once again welcome local and international bands from the Nordic parts of Europe. Over three weekends, a diverse program of music, literature, theater, workshops and much more will once again take place at the Königswiesen in Schleswig next year. In 2022, the festival will remain true to its high claim of a sustainable orientation.
Popular hardcover tickets available from November, 22nd in the bookstore Liesegang
In the Online Ticket Shop of the Norden Festival, Print at Home Festival Passes as well as weekend tickets for all three festival weekends will continue to be available. As a special promotion, shortly before Christmas, 300 of the highly demanded weekend hardcover tickets for all three festival weekends will be available in advance at the Liesegang bookstore in Schleswig from November 22, 2021.
Note on advance ticket sales
Our festival is now a few weeks back and we would like to thank you for the many positive emails and your feedback. The survey has been evaluated and many of your ideas will be incorporated into the 4th edition of the festival.
From 9.9.21 we have installed a new festival online store, which is linked to our homepage. Numerous tickets have already been sold. Unfortunately, the changeover to the online store did not go as smoothly as we had hoped and you had to wait for your tickets in print-at-home format. We apologize for this delay. Now the store should run smoothly. If you still have problems, please write us at
That was Norden Festival 2021
The third NORDEN Festival in Schleswig ended with an emotional final concert by Hamburg pianist Niklas Paschburg. Over 300 participating artists and exhibitors from the northern European region spoiled the visitors with a variety of cultural offerings over three weekends. At concerts and readings there were several German premieres to celebrate. Around 28,000 visitors attended the festival on at least one of the twelve event days, 10,000 tickets were sold. 10% of the visitors used the test center in front of our ticket booth, not a single positive Corona case was registered.
Organizing team takes positive stock of pandemic year 2021
The NORDEN Festival 2021 is over, but the look is already clearly in the direction of 2022. With high attendance from Lithuania and once again numerous program highlights, the third edition of the culture festival ended on Sunday evening in late summer weather on the Königswiesen. A total of around 28,000 visitors attended the festival on at least one of the twelve event days, and around 10,000 tickets were sold.
Now: Tickets for 2022 in the NORDEN Festival Online Shop
The new NORDEN Online Shop is now available for tickets 2022. Get your limited festival passes as well as weekend combo tickets and family weekend combo tickets at - it pays to be quick, as we can only offer a limited number of the festival passes.
Ticket Online Shop opens tomorrow
As a special offer to the visitors of Schleswig, the Early Bird tickets, limited to 1000 pieces, went over the counter of the bookstore Liesegang on Wednesday morning from 8 o'clock. The news had spread through the city in no time at all: The queue in the shopping street was probably the longest queue that had ever existed in Schleswig's city center and within a few hours all Early Bird tickets were sold out.
Start of the last NORDEN weekend this year
September 9 marks the start of the last NORDEN Festival weekend this year. From Thursday to Sunday, day tickets will again be available at the festival box office. The experience of the past festival weekends has shown that there are enough tickets available for the visitors.
Advance booking for NORDEN 2022 starts tomorrow
Due to the high demand, the presale for the NORDEN 2022 starts already on Wednesday, September 8. Starting at 8 a.m., the Schleswig bookstore Liesegang will offer a limited edition of the highly demanded festival passes at the Early Bird rate.