NORDEN - the nordic arts festival


The NORDEN is green
From the very beginning, NORDEN has been a sustainably designed festival with a constant focus on resource conservation and responsibility. We make sustainability a central theme in planning and implementation, because an environmentally friendly orientation of the festival is important to us in order to keep the impact on people and the environment as low as possible.

An environmentally friendly journey is rewarded!
We would be pleased if you leave your cars at home for the journey and travel by public transport. And this will even be rewarded: If you can prove a train ticket in the Schleswig-Holstein-Tarif (NAH.SH) as proof of your journey to the festival, you will receive a 5 Euro discount on a NORDEN ticket. From the train station Schleswig you can easily use our shuttle to the festival. There is also a guarded bicycle parking lot directly at the entrance. There is no easier way to get to the festival area.
* IC, EC and ICE are excluded.

Green Pavilion & Sustainability
Green Pavilion & Sustainability